Get ‘Doctor-Pets’ Working For You

Wouldn’t it be great if your place on the web was not just another website but a  destination?

But you know what they say – ‘Content is King’. Just telling your audience how great your product is wouldn’t keep them looking, let alone coming back. What you need is killer content – something that’s informative and entertaining, something that your audience can trust.

That’s where ‘Doctor-Pets’ comes in. Established by Dr Vadim Chelom  – a renowned Veterinarian with publishing and media background, ‘Doctor-Pets’ is a recognized leader in web content production. Through its’ interactive media platform hosts ‘dog safety’ resources, provides educational and news content and links to a range of social networks.

What we offer:

Content production – entertaining and educational content on demand from a professional source you can trust.

Web media exposure – expose your product/content to thousands of committed viewers every day through the ‘Doctor-Pets’ media platform.

Media consulting – get more from the web by learning to tap the right social networks. Let us show you how to be ‘Liked’ by the customers you want and keep their attention.

To find out more – contact ‘Doctor-Pets’ at vadimthevet at gmail com


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